Quran 2:156


The loss of a loved one can feel crushing, but being able to call upon support can really help. Starting from an Islamic perspective, we offer a free and confidential bereavement support service, provided by trained volunteers. They can act as trusted friends and can provide support either in person or via telephone sessions. We also have close connections with some of the national bereavement charities who have also trained our team of befrienders.


Grief is a very personal process, and it can take many months or years to come to terms with it. In the immediate aftermath of the death, you may feel any number of emotions. Some of these might include:


  • Shock – ‘I can’t believe this has happened’ or feeling numb.
  • Pain – the pain can be physical, mental or emotional.
  • Anger – this can be aimed at yourself, the person who has died or at the situation.
  • Guilt – this can be about things said or done while the person was alive or in the time leading up to the death.
  • Depression – life can seem too difficult to bear, as though it has lost all meaning.
  • Longing – wanting to see or hear the person who has died, or actually, seeing or hearing them even though you know it is not possible.


These emotions are completely normal. Grieving is a normal process and you should not feel guilty for feeling any or all of the above. ​When someone passes away, the pain is shared by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It can have a profound effect on your life and can leave you feeling alone – but we can help.


There is nothing wrong with these feelings, as we can see from the example of our Prophet Muhammad SAW. He (SAW) encountered many bereavements in his lifetime. During the ‘Year of Grief’ Prophet Muhammad SAW lost his beloved uncle, Abu Taalib and his dear wife, Khadeejah RA. What was clear from his example during such difficult times, was that while he was certainly grieving, he demonstrated such beautiful patience. At the time of the death of his son, Ibrahim RA, Muhammad SAW took him in his hands, he kissed him and smelled him. As Ibrahim RA took his last breaths, Allah’s Messenger (SAW) wept. At this, one of the companions said “Even you are weeping!” He (SAW), said “The eyes are shedding tears and the heart is grieved, and we will not say that except what pleases our Lord. O Ibrahim! Indeed, we are grieved by your separation.” [Bukhari]


​While there was grief, Prophet SAW remained graceful in how he handled his grave loss. He remained humble but demonstrated that weeping and sadness at the time of a tragedy, with gracefulness, is human.


From Islamic teachings, we also know that, there is no Muslim that is afflicted with a calamity – and  he says what Allah has commanded him to say, “To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return! O Allah, give me the rewards of (being patient over) this calamity, and grant me something better than it,” – except that Allah will give him something better to replace it. [Muslim] And so while the idea of being patient at the time of losing a loved one may seem impossible, there is huge reward promised by Allah. We are all the creation of Allah and we will all return to Him. Our loved ones are a trust from Allah for a fixed amount of time. The separation is a temporary one, only to be united once again forever and ever in the hereafter.

May Allah grant Jannah to all the deceased, and patience to all the bereaved. Ameen.


We’re here to help. Please contact us via our telephone or email service and we will arrange for you to talk to one of our specialists.

Healing Wounded Hearts

Healing Wounded Hearts, this is a fantastic kitab that helps people deal with bereavement. We understand that it is a very difficult and challenging time, and having a kitab like Healing Wounded Hearts will assist the reader in learning about bereavement and about dealing with the difficulties of bereavement. A copy of this kitab will be available for £6.00 if you collect it from our centre, or for £8.00 to have it delivered.


Hope & Help is a calm, non-judgemental place to come for help, advice and inspiration. Whatever you need, from marriage and faith advice, to help with challenging subjects like drugs and alcohol, family conflict or bereavement, we are here.


Being diagnosed with a terminal illness can be the biggest challenge in a person’s life. We offer free, personal support to share worries and concerns, to advise on practical issues, and to provide comfort when it’s needed. Most importantly, we ensure that no one need ever face this challenge alone.


We provide a caring, supportive and non-judgemental environment to help you overcome any challenges in your marriage. We also offer a Muslim spouse introduction service and pre-marriage courses for husbands and wives to be.


Alcohol and drug abuse can have a terrible effect on families. We offer advice about how to talk to children about staying safe, and a range of support services to help people who may be suffering in silence. This includes signposting to expert professional help.


The loss of a loved one can feel crushing, but being able to call upon support can really help. Starting from an Islamic perspective, we offer a free and confidential bereavement support service. Our trained volunteers can help with practical arrangements and offer family support and guidance as you deal with your grief.


If you are interested in Islam or simply curious about what being a Muslim means, we will happily answer all your queries. Our qualified scholars are there to help people, whatever their interest or whatever stage they have reached in their personal journeys.


Islamic Law sets out clear rules that determine how a Muslim estate is to be divided between the heirs of the deceased. Our team of scholars offers expert support in working out the Islamic shares of the estate, and can also assist with will-writing and bequests.


Family relationships can sometimes be problematic, but our counselling service helps people to stay connected.  Ours is a bridge-building role and we help family members to talk, to share concerns and to address any problems together, as a strong and supportive unit.


People seeking refuge from war or persecution can find themselves in desperate need of support. Wherever we can, we provide that support, offering everything from food parcels to interpretation and translation services; from local area inductions to free children’s education.


At Hope and Help we endeavour to make each clients journey comfortable and memorable. Our ethos is based on value, integrity, and trust as the matters we deal with are very personal and private.


We aim to offer useful resources to the community, these are available in various formats; download, click and collect or have them delivered direct to your door


A dedicated service for women to come together to look at the problems we
are facing in the community. Focusing on several age ranges from 13  to 16
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