The process of reverting can be a very challenging experience depending on the individual’s personal circumstances. Sometimes the challenge can be due to a lack of support or understanding from non-Muslim family and friends; other times, it can be as simple as an absence of the appropriate knowledge.


Whatever the cause of the discomfort, it’s our responsibility to welcome reverts into the Ummah and help them during this period of transition.


Assisting revert Muslims can be challenging. Many reverts do not make their concerns known due to shyness or isolation, which means that identifying an issue becomes extremely difficult. If left unchecked, these individuals can begin to regret their decision to revert, distancing themselves from Islam.


To combat this, we at Hope & Help have created a comprehensive Revert Muslim Support Programme. This programme has been developed with Revert Muslims to ensure we are providing support in all areas important to the Revert Muslims themselves.


This is one of the most unique programmes available to Revert Muslims in the United Kingdom. We provide support from the time someone is interested in Islam, answering their questions and assigning a Scholar/Aalim to them. This enables us to personalise the support and befriend them from the outset. This person will provide support and guidance throughout their challenging journey.


Once the person accepts Islam, a detailed bespoke learning programme for each Revert will be put into place, delivered by trained and experienced Ulamaa/scholars both male and female. This programme is designed to help them at all stages of their spiritual development, so that they can become comfortable with Islamic practices and traditions.


We can offer further support to revert Muslims. With your contributions, we can help stressed reverts find peace in their new status through a range of support options.

The Revert Muslim Support Programme

Queries/Questions about Islam and Muslims

If you are interested in Islam or simply curious about what being a Muslim means, we will happily answer all your queries. Our qualified scholars are there to help, whatever your interest or whatever stage you have reached in your personal journey.


We can provide reading material or sources for you to carry out your own research; we endeavour to help in whatever way we can. Our trained and qualified scholars can be assigned to you, so you can contact them at your convenience for your support. They will be your companion throughout your blessed journey, so that you will never experience loneliness or confusion.

Shahadah/ Proclamation of Faith

At Hope & Help we can arrange for you to take your Shahadah in a manner which is comfortable for you. We can arrange in a bespoke manner for you take your Shahadah. This can be done in the masjid/mosque or in private. Your appointed scholar, male or female, will be able to support you and accompany you through the process.

Post Shahadah

The period after taking Shahadah can be the most challenging for most people. This is when we can assist and support each Revert brother and sister in a confidential, bespoke way to welcome you to the Muslim community.


We have a group of Revert Muslim brothers and sister volunteers, who have been through the process of Reverting to Islam. They can be an excellent source of inspiration as they have been on the same journey as you. Their experiences can help you overcome your difficulties.


We offer support in all areas, including learning the requisites of Islam, the Quraan etc.


We can also help with day-to-day issues, such as help with shopping; learning about halal and haraam foods and practices. We also have a group of volunteers that can teach you to cook a range of delicious, healthy halal meals.


We can also offer support with building bridges and supporting relationships with friends and family who are not Muslim, or who are not aware that you have reverted.


Sometimes, revert brothers and sisters feel isolated and don’t have anywhere to turn to for help to find a spouse. We will help Revert brothers and sisters find a spouse for a happy married life.

Ramadan and Eid

We will ensure each Revert Muslim brother and sister has a family with which to celebrate Ramadan and Eid. Alhumdulillah, we have many kind families who will be honoured to assist revert brothers and sisters during Ramadan and Eid. Revert brothers and sisters will not need to worry about being lonely on these auspicious occasions.


At Hope & Help, we believe it is our duty to welcome, support and assist with anything and everything that is of concern to our revert families.


Please feel free to contact us at and please do not hesitate; this is an honour for us.


Hope & Help is a calm, non-judgemental place to come for help, advice and inspiration. Whatever you need, from marriage and faith advice, to help with challenging subjects like drugs and alcohol, family conflict or bereavement, we are here.


Being diagnosed with a terminal illness can be the biggest challenge in a person’s life. We offer free, personal support to share worries and concerns, to advise on practical issues, and to provide comfort when it’s needed. Most importantly, we ensure that no one need ever face this challenge alone.


We provide a caring, supportive and non-judgemental environment to help you overcome any challenges in your marriage. We also offer a Muslim spouse introduction service and pre-marriage courses for husbands and wives to be.


Alcohol and drug abuse can have a terrible effect on families. We offer advice about how to talk to children about staying safe, and a range of support services to help people who may be suffering in silence. This includes signposting to expert professional help.


The loss of a loved one can feel crushing, but being able to call upon support can really help. Starting from an Islamic perspective, we offer a free and confidential bereavement support service. Our trained volunteers can help with practical arrangements and offer family support and guidance as you deal with your grief.


If you are interested in Islam or simply curious about what being a Muslim means, we will happily answer all your queries. Our qualified scholars are there to help people, whatever their interest or whatever stage they have reached in their personal journeys.


Islamic Law sets out clear rules that determine how a Muslim estate is to be divided between the heirs of the deceased. Our team of scholars offers expert support in working out the Islamic shares of the estate, and can also assist with will-writing and bequests.


Family relationships can sometimes be problematic, but our counselling service helps people to stay connected.  Ours is a bridge-building role and we help family members to talk, to share concerns and to address any problems together, as a strong and supportive unit.


People seeking refuge from war or persecution can find themselves in desperate need of support. Wherever we can, we provide that support, offering everything from food parcels to interpretation and translation services; from local area inductions to free children’s education.


At Hope and Help we endeavour to make each clients journey comfortable and memorable. Our ethos is based on value, integrity, and trust as the matters we deal with are very personal and private.


We aim to offer useful resources to the community, these are available in various formats; download, click and collect or have them delivered direct to your door


A dedicated service for women to come together to look at the problems we
are facing in the community. Focusing on several age ranges from 13  to 16
year-olds, 16 to 25 and above 25 years of age