Teachers Guidelines for Learning Iman

This book is a guideline for teachers, parents and guardians on how to teach īmān to the children, if they are using Learning Īmān – Part 1.


For those not familiar with the subject, refer to “Refresh Your Īmān”, published by Az-Zaha International. It introduces the subject matter in detail to the uninitiated.


The references for the Qurānic verses and ahādīth which have been used in the textbook for learners, have been provided in these guidelines.


More details on each topic used in the textbook are provided for the benefit of the teacher. In this way, the teacher would be able to prepare his/her lessons more thoroughly.


The outcome of this subject is for us to understand that our aim in life is to earn the pleasure of Allah Ta’ālā, the Dīn of Allah Ta’ālā must come alive in the whole world and to develop the consciousness of Allah Ta’ālā. Allah (Azza Wajall) is the ultimate objective in our life.

The benefit of doing these actions is that we will achieve a firm conviction in the words of Allah (Azza Wajall) and His Nabi (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam).