Refresh Your Iman

In many cities of the world, teachers experience the problem of discipline and lack of response from the learners. In many instances, this is due to the home environment of the learner, whereby he may be going back to a home which has non-Muslim parents or Muslim parents that are not religiously inclined, who care less about his progress in Madrasah, or there are other social issue at home, e.g., drug abuse, alcoholism, domestic violence, divorce, etc.


In such a situation, the teacher has to mould the Īmān of the child in the class in order to prepare him for the challenges of the world outside. This is where the Mudhākarah (discussion) of Īmān plays a vital role.


This booklet will aid those who want to implement the system of the discussion (Mudhākarah) of Īmān in their institutes or parents who want to implement it in their homes. It is merely a guideline and should not be regarded as the only resource. Those who are interested should practically learn the system from the teachers that have implemented this system in their Madāris.


The subject matter in this booklet has been derived from the teachings of Moulānā Muhammad Ilyās RH and Moulānā Muhammad Yūsuf Kandhelwi RH.