Sisters’ Sunday is made up of a passionate group of females who have gathered together from the local community and beyond to focus on making a difference in our locality.


We aim to provide hope, help, advice and support to the youth and women of our community in every aspect of life.


We work together to create a safe platform for all to voice their concerns and ideas. We build upon these ideas and provide targeted support, giving guidance through Islamic principles.


Our Sister’s Sunday family unites all women and is a reflection of our diverse community.

Our dedicated volunteers come together every Sunday to passionately engage themselves in working together to make our community a better place.

We have built a great support system together, where we discuss, reflect and inspire one another to communicate refreshing ideas. These ideas then form the building blocks for our main events.


An introduction to Hope & Help and the support we are able to provide

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Through the devoted efforts of our hardworking sisters, we had the honour of organising our first event. We collectively decided that we would invite young females from the age range of 16-25, as they are the future of tomorrow.

Our Make a Difference event, hosted outdoors during the Summer, began with an enlightening introduction about  the ethos, aims and values of Hope & Help. We were able to welcome our guests and create a comfortable, calm environment white explaining to them the importance of our organisation. They had the opportunity to listen to one of our own volunteers who bravely chose to share her personal experiences with Hope & Help and how this wonderful charity was able to support her and her family through an extremely emotional time.

The guests were encouraged to realise their own value as young Muslim females of today and how important their contribution is to help shape the future of our community.

They were able to provide extremely valuable feedback through organised but casual discussion groups. Their voices and opinions help us to plan potential future events that would specifically target their personal issues.

Interactive workshops for the youth

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This exceptional event, aimed at 13-16 year olds, first introduced Hope & Help as an organisation that is able to support and guide these young girls through the challenges they will face as they develop into inspiring young women.


Our passionate volunteers, young and old, gathered together to think about how we ourselves felt at this age. We chose topics that we unanimously agreed would be thought-provoking, inspiring and would allow these young girls to really reflect on who they are as individuals and the ways that they can better themselves spiritually and contribute positively to our local community.


After an insightful discussion, we recognised that the most valuable topics were Prayer and The Impact of Social Media. Due to the growing advances of technology, our motivating workshops reality allowed the girls to get an Islamic perspective and reflect on how they use social media in their day to day lives. This topic was particularly close to our volunteers as many of them have young daughters themselves and the growing influence of social media has become extremely vast.


A safe and informative event like this was particularly needed. A place where we allowed the young females of our communities to come together and provided them with a feeling of being united, especially during a time when many felt isolated and alone.


As a contrast to Social Media, we decided Prayer would be a wonderful topic to focus on. Prayer softens the hearts and brings us closer to our Creator. It gives us a feeling of peace and serenity and strengthens our faith.

During the event, our guests also enjoyed taking part in a Tasbeeh making activity. They were able to create their own tasbeehs and take them away as a beneficial gift. Each beautiful Tasbeeh had the logo and colours of Hope and Help to remind them that this charity exists to support them.


Before we concluded our event with a lovely spread of lunch, we took the time out to listen to our young girls and gather feedback from them for our event and for possible future events or activities that they would like to see.

Spiritual advice and guidance for expectant and new mothers

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This worthwhile event included spiritual advice and guidance for expectant and new mothers. After the wonderful success, of the first two events we were able to host our third event named ‘Bump to Baby’. This inspiration for this event came from the remarkably valuable feedback of our first event.

The purpose of our ‘Bump to Baby’ event was to invite expecting/new mothers to understand, learn and receive spiritual guidance on becoming the best mothers they can be. We split this programme into three different workshops so that we could effectively communicate the three different topics chosen;

            1. Conception and birth
            2. Breastfeeding and nutrition
            3. Living with extended family

All of our volunteers worked incredibly hard and enthusiastically to provide the best Islamic perspective on becoming a new mother and how to resolve any issues that may arise. The workshops emphasised the importance of our religion being at the forefront of our lives. Islam provides us with aft the answers, we just have to be willing to listen.

As this event was for new mothers, our dedicated volunteers also provided a creche service. The creche allowed the mothers to feel at ease and it was greatly appreciated by aft of our guests. In addition to this, we provided 10 minute breaks between each workshop to allow mothers the comfort and flexibility of checking on their children. We concluded our event with a delicious variety of savouries and sweets for our delightful guests to enjoy.


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Hope & Help is a calm, non-judgemental place to come for help, advice and inspiration. Whatever you need, from marriage and faith advice, to help with challenging subjects like drugs and alcohol, family conflict or bereavement, we are here.


Being diagnosed with a terminal illness can be the biggest challenge in a person’s life. We offer free, personal support to share worries and concerns, to advise on practical issues, and to provide comfort when it’s needed. Most importantly, we ensure that no one need ever face this challenge alone.


We provide a caring, supportive and non-judgemental environment to help you overcome any challenges in your marriage. We also offer a Muslim spouse introduction service and pre-marriage courses for husbands and wives to be.


Alcohol and drug abuse can have a terrible effect on families. We offer advice about how to talk to children about staying safe, and a range of support services to help people who may be suffering in silence. This includes signposting to expert professional help.


The loss of a loved one can feel crushing, but being able to call upon support can really help. Starting from an Islamic perspective, we offer a free and confidential bereavement support service. Our trained volunteers can help with practical arrangements and offer family support and guidance as you deal with your grief.


If you are interested in Islam or simply curious about what being a Muslim means, we will happily answer all your queries. Our qualified scholars are there to help people, whatever their interest or whatever stage they have reached in their personal journeys.


Islamic Law sets out clear rules that determine how a Muslim estate is to be divided between the heirs of the deceased. Our team of scholars offers expert support in working out the Islamic shares of the estate, and can also assist with will-writing and bequests.


Family relationships can sometimes be problematic, but our counselling service helps people to stay connected.  Ours is a bridge-building role and we help family members to talk, to share concerns and to address any problems together, as a strong and supportive unit.


People seeking refuge from war or persecution can find themselves in desperate need of support. Wherever we can, we provide that support, offering everything from food parcels to interpretation and translation services; from local area inductions to free children’s education.


At Hope and Help we endeavour to make each clients journey comfortable and memorable. Our ethos is based on value, integrity, and trust as the matters we deal with are very personal and private.


We aim to offer useful resources to the community, these are available in various formats; download, click and collect or have them delivered direct to your door


A dedicated service for women to come together to look at the problems we
are facing in the community. Focusing on several age ranges from 13  to 16
year-olds, 16 to 25 and above 25 years of age